The President and CFO of The Fudgery

"It has been the BEST experience in the world. We have been working with Jane Bishop for the last four years, and she has been an incredible contributor to our success through the years." 

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What Others Are Saying

"As Pastor, I was impressed to contact an outside source that could objectively lead the church body in taking the next step forward. The Bible speaks of a God who makes plans, encourages and empowers people to plan using a value based perspective.   I realized that planning does not determine the future – it can only direct the present. I needed a person to help me lead the church to discover where we are at present then motivate the people by pointing attention and effort toward a hopeful future.  Jane accomplished this by her unique leadership style of interaction. 

The continued follow-up sessions after our Refocus have been very affirming with great suggestive steps that I may continue to implement.  I personally have been able to shift my attention from problems to solutions in leading His church body in preparations for now and future successors. I recommend any pastor to contract Jane if they desire a process of planning that involves not just our heads, but our hands and hearts as well." --Tullos, HI

Ace M., President, The Fudgery

"In a relatively short amount of time, you have created a high degree of trust with me, my CFO and Director of Operations. The insights and vision you bring are incredible. As you continue to help us create the training and development pathway for our company to offer managers, I look forward to achieving our desired outcomes!."

Candace, Executive Director, AL

"I believe our objective was met. The women were engaged, excited and seemed to comprehend what was being communicated. They left energized for the task ahead.  I greatly appreciated the fact that Jane was able to take my request and put it into action. She was careful to make sure she understood my objectives and then skillfully executed them based on the needs of our group. Thanks so much. We had a great experience."

Marcus Thorne, Program Manager RECAST Lawrenceville

"When you’re busy doing the work, who has time for building the team? Jane Bishop, with her assessment tools, insightful questions, and patient approach helped us take the time -- and made it worth it. She accelerated our team trust by helping us get intentional about our communication. Our team is better and stronger as a result of her coaching and facilitation. Thank you, Ms. Bishop!"


My time here today has been great because I believe the coaching training has given me the questions and ideas of how to pull the best out of people and help them find some of their own answers from within them. Because that's where the source is: in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Charlie Barnard, Pastor, TN

"Jane was very professional, enthusiastic and engaging. Our group not only was inspired, but also challenged. I would highly recommend Jane for a training event or just as an inspirational speaker. Jane knows her way around churches and understands people and what makes them tick."

Jeanette, IL

"Jane has a proficient ability to make individuals think deeply about what they want to accomplish and how they will achieve the desired outcomes.  She stretched me beyond my normal way of thinking."

Peronel, UK

"Jane has that uncanny ability to cut to the chase without showing the knife.  If you are planning to move on strongly, this is a woman who makes that manageable and sustainable.  Thank you, Jane.  Still room for more and that is life's rich tapestry."

Kim, GA

"The Best of the Best!!!! Jane Bishop recently led our women's ministry in a "Soul Care" weekend retreat for approximately 40 ladies, and we were all blessed, uplifted, refreshed, and encouraged under her guidance. She is an amazing professional speaker who immediately connects on a personal level, and invokes trust and openness in and among her listeners. We laughed "until our jaws hurt", and cried as our hearts overflowed. Bonds of friendship were formed and strengthened that will no doubt last a lifetime. In our last session, we created individual memory boards to "take away" what we had learned, and been reminded of, at our retreat. When I look at it now I remember to keep my focus on the things that are most important to me... love, joy, God's love for me, and my love for others. Our church has had the privilege of having Jane lead us for two years in a row, and I hope she continues to lead our retreats for years to come. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak, go, and take others that you love with you!!!"

Tim, AL

"I felt like I had been developed professionally.  You put [my] job with students in context of where it is. Thank you."   

Marlene, GA

"I was so excited when I finished the workshop, to know that  I can connect to others even though they are WIRED differently than me. I will use the info I received in my church and the Ministies that I am involved in. Thank you so much for your insight and foresight."

Courtney, GA

"Creating our Leadership Model with Jane helped us to set up mutual expectations of one another as a team. Jane coached us by asking questions and helping us dig deeper into leadership through conversation and writing. That time brought us together as sisters in Christ serving the Lord with one heart and mind."

Doris, GA

"How wonderful it was to be a part of your "Soul Care" weekend. It was so refreshing to spend this time with our sisters in Christ especially with you as our guide. I came expecting something great and left greatly blessed."


"You were definitely the icing on the cake for it [women's ministry event] too.  You immediately got us going from all the chatter at our tables into something even more fun.  Your enthusiasm and humor immediately captivated us and led us into learning that our GIFTs are worth pursuing because God created us to be our own special persons with our own individualized agendas.  How motivating was that!"


"Today was helpful so that I can listen better and empower people to find the answers within them."


"My time today has been helpful, so that I will learn to be a better listener with people, and also be led to ask better questions to help people better understand what they are going through."


"I know the next step - the next two steps - I need to take to achieve my goal.  I also no longer feel the need to fix the women who come to me with issues.  I know what questions to ask them to help them find their own solutions."

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